Friday, November 13, 2009

The Audacity to Win! with David Plouffe-President Obamas Campaign Manager

On Friday I got to participate in a webcast presentation with President Obama's Campaign Manager David Plouffe, Hes an incredibly nice and focused man. I can see why Obama won the election. He gets things done! He has a new book out called The Audacity to Win. Which he definitely did do. I had a nice conversation with him about bi-partisanship, I also shared with him my memories of being in Iowa for the Caucus and witnessing President Obama's historic speech. "They say this day would never come...."I have always admired David from how well he did his job in the campaign. It was nice to finally interact and ask him some of the burning questions that I had.
This is the beginning of the webcast being broadcast at the Abraham Lincoln BookShop. The shop is incredible. You must visit it. There is so much I wish I could buy. It's like a museum where every thing is for sale. The webcast should be available here shortly.

Here's a great talk by David at Google!

DDB Presents: David Plouffe "The Art of the Possible" from Mode Project on Vimeo.